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Sagicor 175th Anniversary

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The McClures Story

After earning a Master’s degree in Chemistry and working in the fiberglass industry for 20 years, Denice McClure decided it was time for a life-altering change. So Denice traded her lab coat for a yoga mat, and traveled across the United States, training to become a yoga teacher.

With a master’s certification and three young children, Denice left her life in Cleveland and moved to Tampa to open a yoga studio. Her teenage daughter, Christie, also a yoga master, teaches at the studio, and sons Jack and Jared help out at the front desk.

In addition to modeling a healthy lifestyle, Denice wanted to ensure her children’s educational needs would be met if anything unexpected happened. Sagicor agent and friend, Dawn Hudson, explored all of Denice’s options. With Sagicor, she found a life insurance plan that fits her needs, and discovered the company’s values also fit her own.

Through yoga, the McClures spend every moment they can helping others – one downward-facing dog at a time.