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Sagicor 175th Anniversary

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The Lamb's Story

For the Lambs, teaching is a family affair. Dr. Jack Lamb, a descendant of several generations of educators, is a retired teacher and past chairman of the eighth largest school district in the United States. His wife Nora is also a retired teacher, and their daughter is a school administrator in the same district.

Living in the moment, while still being prepared for what’s ahead, is a life lesson Jack has learned well. For him, “Planning for the future means never procrastinating.” This includes protecting what’s most important to him: Nora, his best friend and loving partner of 58 years.

Jack is an active member of the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce, and it was there that he met his colleague and trusted Sagicor agent Dawn Hudson. She helped him purchase a life insurance policy and leverage money he already had in the bank to create a larger estate.

“I have confidence in Sagicor ’s business acumen and it gives me peace of mind,” says Jack.  After working hard over the years to provide for his family, he wanted to make sure they always had someone to take care of them. With Sagicor, Jack has learned he can count on their wisdom and expertise to carry on and protect his loved ones for years to come.