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Sagicor 175th Anniversary

Sagicor 175 - Share Your Story

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The Bell's Story

Kevin Bell has one of those infectious smiles you can’t fake. The kind that spreads to the eyes and stays there.

The smile of a man who, at 38 years, can boast of a promising life, a successful career and a loving family. As explained to our team, when he opened the doors to Bell’s Auto Services, his dream of owning a business was realised. It is that moment in time that regenerates and keeps this young entrepreneur’s smile true. The reason for, and the result of, hard work and dedication.

Kevin has had a sixteen-year relationship with Sagicor which, he notes, has provided him with the unwavering support he needed for his business, and personally as well. Kevin has two trusted Sagicor Advisors: Sharon Brooks-Hylton for life insurance and Lisa Walker for his business. Sharon and Lisa work hard to help Kevin protect the things he holds most important, so he can enjoy all of life’s precious moments.

Those moments include Kevin’s future plans to expand Bell’s Auto Services, buy property, and put his three children: Kevane, Kymani and Akeelah, through tertiary education. “The future is bright, and I give thanks for getting this far,” says Kevin.