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Sagicor 175th Anniversary

Sagicor 175 - Share Your Story

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The Austin's Story

For  eleven  year-old  Johnathan  Austin, skateboarding is the best thing in the world. However, there was a moment in time when he was very sick and his beloved board gathered dust. Johnathan has Gastroparesis: a life-altering condition that causes stomach paralysis. To manage it, doctors inserted a gastric pacemaker through surgery at a U.S. hospital, where Johnathan spent a month in recovery.

For the Austins, Sagicor medical coverage has been a lifeline. “If we didn’t have our plan, there’s a possibility my son would not be alive today,” says Johnathan’s father Stephen.

Today, Johnathan is helping others who need overseas medical care, and has raised over $7,000 for the Johnathan Austin Helping Hands Sick Children’s Fund. Best of all, he’s now back on his board, back in school, and back to being the active boy he always was.